TRRA Demurrage & Average Agreement Charges

All Days in Computing Free Time and Demurrage Charges Start 7:00 AM

TRRA Demurrage Calendar
Effective 2/1/2015


NOTE: Charges May Vary

This chart is based on tariff rules in effect at time of issuance. However, applicable, superseding service orders, or tariff revisions must be taken into consideration.

What is "demurrage"?

Rail demurrage - applies to all freight cars actually or constructively placed for loading or unloading.

Demurrage refers to the charges that a railroad, like TRRA, bills to industries for the amount of time the industry is in possession of a rail car. By tariff, if a car is placed at an industry after 7 AM on a given day, the industry gets the rest of that day and two additional days of free time during which to load or unload the car. After this time has expired, the railroad can bill for demurrage charges.