Frequently Asked Questions

What is your mailing address?

1000 Union Station, Suite 200, St. Louis, Missouri 63103.

Rail Yard:
1201 McKinley Avenue, Venice, Illinois 62090.

How can I obtain information about a former TRRA employee?

Call (314) 539-4705 and speak with our Corporate Secretary.

I own some TRRA bonds and am curious if the Company is interested in buying them back - who do I call?

Call K.T. Paubel (Chief Financial Officer - CFO) at (314) 539-4745.

I am a car owner trying to trace a rail car - who do I need to speak with to locate a car?

Use RailConnect's Trace function at

I have a problem with a demurrage or storage bill - who do I call?

Call Customer Service (618) 451-8438 for assistance.

I have questions about car hire - who do I call?

Call Customer Service (618) 451-8438 for assistance.

How is TRRA classified as a railroad?

We are a Class III Railroad.

Why is there a train parked across my road crossing?

We make every effort to avoid blocking intersections; however, sometimes it is unavoidable. If you would like to register a complaint, please send email to

What is the definition of "demurrage"?

Demurrage refers to the charges that a railroad, like TRRA, bills to industries for the amount of time the industry is in possession of a rail car. By tariff, if a car is placed at an industry after 7 AM on a given day, the industry gets the rest of that day and two additional days of free time during which to load or unload the car. After this time has expired, the railroad can bill for demurrage charges.